Resisting the Biblical Jesus

The world has always resisted the Biblical Jesus.  By that I mean the supernatural Jesus.  The Son of God.  The man raised from the dead.  The man who claimed to be “the way, truth and life.”  The man who clearly said there was no name under heaven other than his –  that produces eternal life.

Modern society has become spiritually energized, but invests that energy in everything BUT the Biblical Jesus.  Anything goes in this modern cafeteria of spirituality, EXCEPT guess who?

The world is for the most part suffering from Biblical illiteracy.  The average person has no idea what the Bible says.  There is no understanding about how the Bible was written and no understanding of its reliability.  Instead, myths have been promoted and accepted about the Bible:

1.  It has been changed
2.  It was written by men with an agenda, who were less than truthful and accurate.
3.  The Bible is not authoritative.
4.  The Bible is just a book of nice ideas that we can pick and choose from to make any point we want to make.

Unfortunately, many professing Christians are equally ignorant of Biblical facts.   Many refuse to accept it as the absolute word of God, that reveals Him as he is and who he is.   Modern Christians like to pick and chose what they believe about their faith and they actually make God up as they go –  relying on their feelings rather than Biblical truth.

The reason the Bible and the Biblical Jesus is resisted is because human beings are rebellious and the Bible clearly teaches that the rebellious will never enter God’s kingdom or his presence.  The moment that a rebellious heart acknowledges the authority of the Bible and the truth presented there about the Biblical Jesus, the smell of spiritual death begins to rise in their nostrils.  Denying the authenticity of the Bible creates a license to continue in rebellion and avoid conviction about their true spiritual condition (spiritually dead to God in their sin).

The authenticity of the scripture and the historical truth about the Biblical Jesus is available for any honest person seeking truth to pursue.  Unfortunately, far too many really don’t want to know the truth, so they accept false allegations and misleading charges about the Bible and about Jesus.

Over 90% of the people who have ever been born on this earth are alive today.  The vast majority are spiritually lost and will be so eternally, unless they come to know and accept  the Biblical Jesus.


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Jim Norman


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