The Process of Crucifixion

Jesus’ crucifixion was an event, but it was also a process.  Crucifixion was a long ordeal and Jesus moved through five stages or steps in the process of being executed.  I believe spiritual truth can be seen in each step of His crucifixion and we can use that truth to better understand how to crucify our self-will.  I certainly do not claim that these truths are the ultimate truth of the cross and the only way to view Jesus’ crucifixion.  The complete theology of the cross is a great mystery and no doubt God speaks to us in diverse ways through the Holy Spirit and His revealed word.  However, I have found the five steps of the crucifixion process to be a powerful analogy and a practical model that helps me understand how God changes me from within. Here are the 5 steps of Jesus’ crucifixion process:

1. The beating
2. The crown of thorns
3. The Fixing of hands to the cross
4. The Fixing of feet to the cross
5.  The Spear in the side

Each step in the crucifixion process of Jesus provides a visual and mental picture of the way we must engage ourselves to the same process in order to crucify self.  In the days ahead we will share these principles in more detail.

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Jim Norman


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